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Bonkers Blog July 2015

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1 July (Part 3) - It’s too damned hot!

It’s just too hot to wade through the 150 minutes of yesterday’s recording of the Places meeting so here’s a few snippets from elsewhere before I make my weary way to the Audit Committee meeting.

Lesnes Abbey playground arson
There is now little doubt that the burned out slide will be replaced and the morons who did the deed will have cost the local taxpayers more than £100,000 as well as depriving Belvedere’s children of a summer of fun - as if the closure of the Splash `Park wasn’t enough deprivation.

Better news is that police have made it clear to a number of interested residents and councillors (and me) that they have a good idea of who the culprits are and ten of them have been arrested. Advice from the CPS is awaited. So exceptional work from the Thamesmead and Lesnes Safer Neighbourhood Teams.

The Belvedere Splash Park
Whilst the success of the Save Old Manor Way playground group may have put more pressure on a severely cash strapped council, a commercial rescue as advocated by Conservative General Election candidate, Anna Firth, is still a distinct possibility. The traditional playground across the road from the Splash Park is not a lot of use on a day like today. Not a bit of shade anywhere.

The Charlotte
From Crayford comes news that the Charlotte public house where councillor Geraldene Lucia-Hennis reigns supreme, is up for sale. Not had time to check that one out, but if true, where will councillor Sharon Massey go when she feels the need for oil covered flesh?

The preparations for the North Kent line diversion is going ahead at an amazing rate, the old station site has been excavated to a considerable depth (Photo 1), and apparently filled in again. The water table has proved to be a problem even during dry spells.
Crossrail Crossrail Crossrail Crossrail

The reinforced concrete track bed now extends almost to the western end of the existing platforms and a path has been cleared to just beyond the Lesnes Abbey footbridge to the east.


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