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Bonkers Blog December 2015

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24 December (Part 1) - The Yule blog. No ’ell for Bexley council

ChristmasOne thing that Bexley council cannot be accused of is Political Correctness, at least not in recent years. As it is the season of goodwill I won’t drag up an example from 2001.

Not for Bexley is the Season’s Greetings, Happy Winterval nonsense one finds in northern towns and some centres of LibDemery.

Bexley sensibly issues a plain “Merry Christmas and a happy new year”. A big thank you to the four councillors who sent Christmas greetings from beyond my ward and the one from within it.

Also the various BiB helpers. The two ladies who have run the Facebook page, the Welling man who corrects my programming errors, the regular providers of inside information and my friend from Devon who spots the numerous typos and supplies many of the OBEs (Outstandingly Bad Expansions).

There will be few, or maybe no blogs until the new year. I doubt the Crown Prosecution Service will spring into action and deliver their decision on Will Tuckley and Cheryl Bacon which was promised for last week.

An exact repeat of the Peter Craske scenario is unlikely. In that the CPS provided Bexley police with “a course of action” but following “political interference” that “crippled the case” against him, Bexley police dropped it.

Greenwich police already have all the evidence against Bacon and Tuckley they could possibly need. It could hardly be stronger so some variant on political interference must be on the cards. I am beginning to think that the only way to stop political interference when Bexley council breaks the law is to vote for a Labour mayor.

However, enough of that, It‘s Christmas and the first box of chocolates is looking tempting. £5.99 in Wilton Road McColls, £9 in Sainsbury’s, Harrow Manorway. The more I see of that place the more I dislike it.

Seasons Greetings. Happy Christmas!


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