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Bonkers Blog August 2015

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27 August (Part 2) - A ‘thief’ to catch a thief?

At an extraordinary council meeting in Tower Hamlets Will Tuckley the current chief executive in Bexley was appointed to run Britain’s most corrupt council.

Mick Barnbrook’s email to the Commissioners appointed to run Tower Hamlets council caused a considerable stir but both Labour and Conservative councillors voted in favour of Tuckley’s appointment.

A report of the meeting was telephoned through late last night by a friendly voice at Tower Hamlets, the written confirmation of it is awaited.

Some of the information put before Tower Hamlets’ councillors were clearly false as you might expect but there was a government directive to make the appointment by today. The little matter of recruiting someone who refuses to countenance the truth is inconsequential compared to that.

Pending the written confirmation of events in Tower Hamlets, their supplementary report may be read here. It does not correspond to police reports communicated to either Mick Barnbrook or me but that is only to be expected.


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