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Bonkers Blog August 2015

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22 August - He can run but he can’t hide

If all goes according to plan, Bexley council’s Chief Executive will be selected for a similar post in Tower Hamlets on Wednesday evening. Their Appointments Sub-Committee has selected him from a short list of four.
Tower Hamlets
Mr. Michael Barnbrook is a well known thorn in Bexley council’s side who has had a hand in bringing down 17 MPs for various abuses, most recently he was the principal complainant against former MP Denis MacShane who was jailed for six months for the offence of false accounting.

TuckleyMick Barnbrook is a bit of a stickler when it comes to honesty in public life and he thought it unlikely that Will Tuckley would have informed the Commissioners appointed to run Tower Hamlet’s discredited council, that his misconduct in Bexley was currently being considered by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Will Tuckley is something of an expert when it comes to getting Bexley councillors off of criminal charges and accusing their victims of crime instead. He suggested to his police friends that I was charged with the crime that was committed on councillor Peter Craske’s phone line and met with the CPS to ensure that Craske wasn’t.

Press ReleaseIf you want a councillor’s crime concealed and the complainant stitched up with false Press Releases and manufactured allegations, Will Tuckley is your man, and Tower Hamlets council is no stranger to crime.

So what has Mick Barnbrook gone and done about it?

He’s only sent chapter and verse about Tuckley to the Commissioners who run Tower Hamlets.

And what is likely to be the end result of that? The Commissioners will not want to be embarrassed by their new Chief Executive going to jail - as Greenwich Police said he might - so they will nobble the CPS won’t they? And who is best placed to tell them how to nobble the CPS? Why, it’s Will Tuckley himself. What could be neater?

Thanks Mick, I know that it is right to bring all the facts out into the open and that you told me what you had in mind before sending the email, but we can now be pretty sure of the basis on which Will Tuckley and his crooked pals will have their crimes overlooked.

Pursuing them will be deemed to be not in the Public Interest. We know some excuse has to be found but Mick has probably provided one on a silver platter. If this prediction comes to pass it will at last be obvious to all that corruption exists at every level of public life and not just in Bexley.

This is what Mick wrote, he has already received an acknowledgment.

Dear Commissioners,

I understand that you have recommended the appointment of Mr William Tuckley, Chief Executive of Bexley Council, as the new Chief Executive of Tower Hamlets Council.

I do not know if Mr Tuckley made the Appointments Sub Committee aware of the fact, when he was interviewed for the position of Chief Executive, that he is currently the subject of an allegation to the Metropolitan Police, of Misconduct in Public Office, made by myself and three other members of the public.

In addition to Mr Tuckley, three former Bexley Police Borough Commanders (Chief Superintendents Olisa, Ayling and Stringer, the latter, until recently, being the Borough Commander of Tower Hamlets Police), one Chief Inspector and two police constables, are also being investigated by both Plumstead Police Criminal Investigation Department and the Metropolitan Police Department of Professional Standards, for a variety of offences, including Misconduct in Public Office, Perverting the Course of Justice and Gross Misconduct, as a result of the corrupt relationship between Bexleyheath Police and Bexley Council, whilst Mr Tuckley was Chief Executive.

The allegation made against Mr Tuckley was judged by Detective Sergeant Xxxxxxxxxx of Plumstead Police CID, the investigating officer, to be “potentially life changing” and following a lengthy investigation, he recently informed me that he has submitted the case file to the Crown Prosecution Service for their decision.

It would be prudent, in my opinion, to defer the appointment of Mr Tuckley, until after the Crown Prosecution Service has reached a decision.

To appoint Mr Tuckley and for the Crown Prosecution to then authorise him to be interviewed and face the possibility of a serious criminal charge, would cause Tower Hamlets Council even more embarrassment than that only recently suffered.

The allegation against Mr Tuckley and others has been extensively reported on the website "Bexley is Bonkers" and the most recent reference is

I was the complainant to the Metropolitan Police of an allegation of fraud against Mr Ian Clement, former Leader of Bexley Council, whilst he was a Deputy Mayor of London.

As a result of my allegation, Mr Clement was convicted of fraud and sentenced to a suspended term of imprisonment.

Following his conviction, Bexley Council held their own internal investigation into the use, by Mr  Clement, of his corporate credit card, whilst he was Leader of Bexley Council.

Despite overwhelming evidence, contained in the final report of their investigation, that Mr Clement had committed fraud on at least four occasions, Bexley Council made the decision not to report the matter to police. Mr Tuckley was Chief Executive at the time.

If I can assist you with any further information, please contact me on mobile 077xxxxxxxx.

Please acknowledge receipt of this correspondence in accordance with Tower Hamlets' protocol.

Yours faithfully,

Michael Barnbrook, Inspector, Metropolitan Police (Retired)

As a correspondent said to me after the news broke; “He couldn’t even manage Bexley, how on earth he thinks he can run Tower Hamlets is beyond me. Bexley is hardly a training ground for such a multi-cultural place”. But we got rid of him. Compare the state of Bexley in 2015 with 2008 when ditched his appointment in Croydon. A few cobblestones in a few high streets. Everything else has taken a backwards turn.


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