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Bonkers Blog April 2015

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21 April (Part 2) - Jobs for the poor little rich girls

I’m a poor single mum from Sidcup was the message…

LetterFormer Bexley councillor Katie Perrior was defending Bexley council’s decision to hire a hotel for a meeting rather than use one of their own rooms.

They don’t do that sort of thing any more, financial pressures and bad publicity have seen to that.

So why bring it up again?

It’s because you may need to be reminded about how Bexley councillors are dishonest or you may simply be interested in how our councillors manage to survive once taxpayers have stopped weighing them down with gold.

Ms. Perrior claimed to need every penny of her £22,650 allowances for being Cabinet Member for Children’s Services at a time when her department was a disaster zone with children at significant risk of harm and one having been killed only three months before she wrote that letter.

The letter portrays the author as a mother who struggled to make ends meet just like the families she was supposed to represent. “Bexley’s residents are not rich and neither am I.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. Ms. Perrior was a successful business woman running her own PR company. She left the council a year ago to spend more time with her money; a few months before the Department for Communities issued another Enforcement Notice on her department.
That may have damaged Bexley council’s reputation but it apparently did Katie Perrior no harm at all.

On the Department of Communities website you can read this nauseous piece puffery.

PerriorWhy is the Department for Communities interested in Katie Perrior?

It’s because the same Department of Communities who believed Perrior’s Children’s Department had failed miserably in Bexley, has given her a job.

It’s not what you know it’s who you know; once you are part of the in crowd you are pretty much bombproof whether you are a failure of not. The Kinnocks in the EU, Paton at the BBC, Greville Janner not in court, and no doubt many more you can think of.

But not bad for an impoverished mum from Sidcup who wrote pleading poverty to the Editor of the Bexleyheath Chronicle.



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