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Bonkers Blog March 2011

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23 March - Press round up

Flackley Ash HotelToday’s Bexleyheath Chronicle reveals that council cabinet members and Moneybags Tuckley spent £2,585 on a pre-Christmas meeting (junket) for themselves at the Flackley Ash Hotel in Rye.

The News Shopper carries the usual collection of parking stories and Bexley council continuing with the same old dirty tricks that have been thrown out by the Parking Adjudicator previously. Yesterday I was with someone who is on first name terms with the Adjudicator for England (which is not the same as the London one). From what I was told all the ‘momentary stop’ offences which Bexley is so keen to capture on video and grab a still from to prove no movement (clever eh?) are routinely thrown out by the Adjudicator for England.

Rather a long time ago I remember reading in The Shopper the story of a driver who dropped off an elderly lady outside her own house and was done for parking across her own dropped kerb. I always thought that was legal if it was done with permission of the owner of the entrance and I have just got around to checking that out. It is true. The Traffic Management Act of 2004 says you can’t generally block pavement crossings but there are exemptions one of which is “where the vehicle is parked outside residential premises by or with the consent of the occupier of the premises”. The exemption does not apply to shared driveways.

There has been a small spate of parking complaints sent to to Bonkers recently and the word used to describe Bexley council and their parking gestapo is “Crooks” and given the recent case where they had cunningly snipped the photo evidence to make their case (slung out by the adjudicator) one can only agree.


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