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Bonkers Blog October 2014

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28 October (Part 4) - Careful now Danny!

TweetThanks to a couple of councillors Tweeting about it, we know that Bexley council met in secret last night to discuss the proposal to build houses in the long abandoned Erith Quarry. That shouldn’t come as any great surprise, we know that all public meetings in Bexley are rehearsed beforehand, it was admitted during one meeting a couple of years ago and I have an email in the files from a councillor which confirms it, and not through an accidental slip of the pen.

WilkinsonI said to a councillor very recently that I hoped that webcasting will be abandoned after the trial period because councillors now curb their tongues. You can see the sort of thing we are missing from councillor Hackett’s Tweet. “Sod the affordable housing” said councillor John Wilkinson.

Whether any more information will leak out is hard to say, probably not, councils hate the idea of honesty and transparency. Another quarry not far away is also to get the redevelopment treatment and the council there has slapped a Court Injunction on a councillor who wanted to let his electorate know what is going on.

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