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Bonkers Blog October 2014

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27 October (Part 1) - Quarry news buried

TweetLast week an email suggested that people living close to the Erith Quarry site weren’t too happy about the prospect of additional traffic and I made my own enquiries. It would seem that there is some concern and some people who were in a secluded spot are going to be overlooked.

Yesterday I came across and the site was saying that Bexley council is to meet in secret this evening to… well you tell me. To hatch some plan they don’t want you to know about presumably.

I wasn’t on my own computer at the time or I would have taken a screen shot. By this morning the page ( had been pulled. It had been written by Jonathan Rooks who is a friend of Bexley council in the sense that that he was once a Tory councillor and is now part of the consortium that runs the Howbury Centre and Community Libraries. The page made specific references to councillors John Davey and June Slaughter.

Probably Mr. Rooks was leaned on by Bexley council who wouldn’t want to see any more of their dirty laundry washed in public. Nor would Mr. Rooks want to get into Bexley council’s bad books. Very nasty people if riled.


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