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Bonkers Blog May 2014

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30 May - Another month gone

There will be no proper blog until June which isn’t long to wait but I suspect even then there will be nothing really interesting to report before Bexley council gets back to business on Wednesday week. Today I really must get down to writing to the police. I may be overly suspicious but their latest letter has given me the impression they are trying to downgrade my allegation of Misconduct in Public Office against two former Bexley borough commanders which I sent to Commissioner Hogan-Howe on 22nd January 2014 to a complaint that they merely made a bit of a mess of the Craske case.

The Metropolitan police is corrupt to its core - I feel I am entitled to say that given that murdered private eye Daniel Morgan’s brother is a family member and no one knows it better than he does - and I’m not going to make it easy for them to sweep more corruption under their massive carpet.

bishop Bishop Hurt HurtIn other news, Bexley council has finally moved out of the Civic Offices. I expect today’s Press Release will go on their website eventually but for the moment it is not available in any web friendly format so here is a PDF I made myself.

It is pleasing to see that Bexley has employed a half decent photographer to update their pictures of councillors new and old. You may see the 2014 complement here and if you want to see how they have aged over the past four years, look here. Some of course are vain enough to stay with the four year old pictures, the liar Cheryl Bacon naturally, but some are more honest. Razors and hair dye appears to have been vanquished!

Note: The Press Release is now on Bexley’s website.


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