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Bonkers Blog May 2014

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19 May (Part 2) - Will Bexley throw out its rubbish this week?

With Bexley councillors out vying for attention alongside the pizza vendors, no one should expect any very interesting news to be reported here. Both Labour and Conservatives were out on my road this afternoon. I gained another Labour leaflet, the Conservatives ignored me. It was the other way around in 2010. Presumably the Tories know I am a lost cause now and my 100% Conservative voting record is likely to take a bashing on Thursday.

With no significant blog to write I went out on photo reconnaissance and here is some of what I found within less than half a mile of home.

Fly tipping is a crime but encouraging it with a £30 a pop removal fee for large items of domestic rubbish may not be economically sensible - depends on how much the removal costs are I suppose.

Rubbish Rubbish Rubbish Fence

On the lower section of Knee Hill, around the site of the demolished Harrow Inn, the new but inadequate plastic fence didn’t even make it through to polling day; it has fallen down. It’s only six weeks since councillor Kerry Allon gave it top billing on the last election leaflet I received from him. I suspect his vote is likely to collapse too.


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