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Bonkers Blog April 2014

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6 April (Part 1) - Four years late

Tory leafletI returned from Wiltshire a couple of hours ago, diverting via Sidcup to see if any progress had been made there - very little, photos coming soon - and found two more election leaflets on my doorstep. In accordance with my self-imposed ambition to post them on line whatever the party, you can see the new Tory claims in full by clicking on the associated image.

The Labour leaflet was a very little changed but cut down version of what they sent to me a week ago. For completeness it will be added to the list as soon as time permits but it is not terribly exciting, not nearly as eye-catching as an advanced copy of the Blackfen Independents’ brochure. I’ll put the link on line too as soon as I am given the all clear to do so.

I must confess I fell about laughing at the Tory claim shown in the picture. The Harrow Inn site has been a mess for four years and with an election imminent Tories did something less than adequate about it.

Making the Harrow Inn site their number one feature merely emphasises how little Conservatives have achieved for Lesnes ward. I am not surprised that Bexley council has canned the improvements outside Bedonwell Infants’ School. If that had gone ahead UKIP would have achieved more for the ward out of office than the Conservatives achieved while controlling the council.

Note: The picture of the green plastic sheet must be quite old, some of it has already fallen, held up only by the street sign.


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