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Bonkers Blog March 2014

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18 March (Part 3) - Silly blogger

It’s a little bit embarrassing to encounter a shortage of blog material at a time when the number of site visitors has been increasing quite steeply but I shall have to fall back on a reader’s report. I thought it was mildly amusing and just what I would expect from my own local councillor.

I saw councillor John Davey in Crayford yesterday; in the charity shop and I spoke to him!

I mentioned Bexley is Bonkers and he said it was “all lies and silly”. I suspect that is his leader talking. Like Campbell and his “crap” remark. I asked if it was him [John] who came up with the Bonkers name! He never replied to that.

Then I went into to the betting shop and who was sitting there? Councillor Melvin Seymour. I said to him “John Davey’s next door” and when I turned around he was gone, maybe joining his mate? Two idiots together!!!

I never had Melvin Seymour down as an idiot, John Davey certainly, but whenever I see Melvin Seymour I can only see a man in a Crown Court witness box calmly saying something that simply wasn’t true. The Tweet on which the whole case was based said otherwise and two dishonest policemen ‘forgot’ to correct their councillor friend.

I cannot help wondering why if Bonkers is ‘all lies’ that no one ever tries to correct it. I must have written councillor Cheryl Bacon is a liar fifty times but all I have had from those who saw the events unfold is confirmation that she has lied over and over again. No one has ever said the Bacon reports or any other are a lie. Another thing that isn’t a lie is that the Bonkers name really did come from a conversation with John Davey relating to Bexley’s road planning. Presumably he remembers it as well as I do.


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