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Bonkers Blog February 2014

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21 February (Part 4) - Cllr. Colin Campbell Crap Comment Complaint Conclusion

CampbellWhen I heard councillor Colin Campbell say at a council meeting in front of the councillors and public assembled there that he “didn’t read the crap on Bexley is Bonkers” I was really rather pleased to be acknowledged in the chamber for the first time. I jotted his remarks in my notebook with a smile on my face. Not so Michael Barnbrook who decided to complain about Campbell’s comment. It’s not that he is an old fuddy duddy offended by a four lettered word, he judged that if he complained it would provoke Bexley council into another bout of lying. And I think he may have been right.

After he appealed against Campbell’s initial denial of his use of the C word, Mick was interviewed by Bexley council’s Head of Lying Services, Akin Alabi and he took along a copy of my notes (†) in which I had immediately noted Campbell’s opinion of my efforts. However Mr. Alabi is not allowed to search for the truth about Bexley council and has been forced to protect his job.

It is all so unnecessary. Who cares if Campbell says “crap”. Why didn’t he just say ”so what?”. In the past five years no complaint against a councillor by a member of the public has ever been upheld in Bexley. There is no way that Campbell would prove to be the exception.

What Alabi said in his final dismissal of the complaint was…

SandhuSo what has Colin Campbell achieved by refusing to shrug off his spoken opinion as being a trivial off the cuff aside? He has either proved himself a liar before all the members of the public present on 17 July 2013 or proved the sound system is horribly distorted. Bexley council has retained its record of never ever upholding a complaint from a member of the public. Mayor Sharon Massey has admitted to suffering from diplomatic deafness. Akin Alabi is seen as a lawyer who yet again (see below) refuses to seek an independent witness who might have heard something different; and Rebecca Sandhu is a silly little girl floundering out of her depth.

Mick Barnbrook risked being labelled petty if his assumption had back fired. Bexley council could have wrong-footed him but he knows that the council is a totally reliable non-stop lie factory and he gains another victory. Albeit a minor one.

Do you think the “I we” slip could be an indication of the truth? That the Independent Person is sidelined when the going gets tough?

Note: The “q. excluded’ to which Mr. Alabi refers is my shorthand for the council refusing to accept a question from. Mr. Watson


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