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Bonkers Blog March 2014

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7 March (Part 2) - A chocolate fireguard might be more use

TelegraphThere’s probably no need to explain what I mean by ‘Obscene blog’ but in case I have acquired new readers from Mars - filth traced to councillor Peter Craske’s phone line, four months later police discuss among themselves telling me they can’t trace anything, allow nearly eight months for evidence to be destroyed, talk of stitching me up as the real culprit, connive with Bexley council and CPS to “resolve Craske’s situation”, ignore CPS advice, wrap up case due to “political interference”.

Nearly all of that is documented and allegations of Misconduct in Public Office against two Bexley Borough Commanders are now being considered by the Deputy Assistant Commissioner following support from the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Elwyn Bryant, fellow victim, and I have worked hard on getting that far along the road to exposing our corrupt council and the police force which aids and abets them and, sad to say, appears not to have learned its lesson going by some recent correspondence I have seen. However we would not have ever got as far as we have without the help given by my MP, Teresa Pearce and Elwyn’s, James Brokenshire. Except that isn’t wholly true.

Right from the outset Teresa stood by offering and giving assistance and more than once taking the initiative. James went through the motions, wrote the odd letter in 2011 but was never of any real help. Teresa accompanied me to meetings, got active behind the scenes and kept me informed. James Brokenshire has refused to get involved and ended up with an excuse, proven to be false, as to why he could not speak to Elwyn - although he did at first.

Elwyn has been pretty envious of me on occasions and suggested I might say something about it here, but I’ve always said he should remain calm; one day he might need James Brokenshire. However having seen the MPs latest response I have come to realise that James Brokenshire MP will never be any use when faced with the corruption that exists under his very nose. Probably he is too closely associated with Teresa O’Neill.

Today’s Daily Telegraph article (linked extract above) sums him up perfectly. ‘Repeated platitudes’ is what I saw in his last letter to Elwyn. Funny that the same excuses don’t seem to apply to my own MP.

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