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Bonkers Blog July 2014

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25 July (Part 2) - Full council - Full circle

I’d hoped to write another section of the Full council report today but there is not going to be enough time, however I promised a picture of Paul Moore on his way to reprimand Elwyn Bryant for speaking to Kevin Fox. Paul Moore is the tall fellow with the gangling gait on the right of the picture.
Paul Moore
As you can see, Elwyn (just out of shot to the left) was not holding up the meeting. From left to right, Dave Easton was still chatting to Stefano Borella, Edward Boateng is deep in conversation with Gill MacDonald, Alan Deadman (pink shirt) is trying to get UKIP on board for his motion and Mick Barnbrook is chatting up Lynn Smith, the UKIP candidate who beat him in Blackfen and Lamorbey. Several councillors’ seats are still empty. To call the new Deputy Chief Executive a silly sod for telling Elwyn he couldn’t speak to Kevin Fox was probably a little too mild. Absolute prat perhaps? Liar? The choice is yours.

Having stupidly brought himself to my attention more than once recently I thought a little Googling might be in order.

Harbour BoardIt would appear that Paul Moore is member of the Whitstable Harbour Board and on a web page dated September 2011 it says he has been a resident of Whitstable for the past eight years.

If you have an account with you can check a Paul Moore’s address in Whitstable and who shares the house. Confusing the issue somewhat is an undated entry on the Harbour Board’s website. (Below.)

Harbour BoardIt’s a bit odd that Paul Moore is supposed to have lived in Whitstable for eight years up to 2011 but once appointed to the Harbour Board they give his home address as Dartford. Maybe he has recently moved, maybe he has two houses, maybe someone fibbed.

And who shared the Whitstable home? A certain Julie Keith and if you Google that name it brings you back to Bexley council. A Julie Keith used to be their Head of Democratic Services. Now a Julie Keith is doing the same job for Medway council. A coincidence? Probably not.

Government is delightfully incestuous isn’t it and you can see how it is so easy for one to fix things for another?

Paul Moore is going to be very annoyed when he gets to read this, I may get another ill tempered email if I am really lucky, but today’s blog is not casually provocative, it is deliberately so. It is not only Elwyn and me who Moore has annoyed recently and maybe one day I will be able to share some detail with you. Some Bexley council officers deserve respect, Paul Moore is not one of them. Far too big for his boots.


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