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Bonkers Blog June 2013

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21 June (Part 3) - They don’t like it up ‘em

I have been in email correspondence with Bexley’s Director of Corporate Services this morning, Mr. Moore thinks my blog about Kevin Fox is shameful harassment.

Apparently going to the police to accuse me of organising an arson attack on the Civic Centre is not harassment. Making up untruths about Olly Cromwell breaking bail conditions and having him dumped in the cells for 24 hours is not harassment and publishing obscenities about four Bexley residents is not harassment either, in fact it must be defended by among other things getting the Chief Executive to intercede with the CPS on the culprit’s behalf. But revealing that Kevin Fox has a pretty girlfriend is harassment.

I accept that I had mischief in mind but the target was chosen with care. It was Kevin who stuck two fingers up to the 2,219 residents who signed the salary petition, it was he who decided to ban photography after first saying there was no rule against it. He sets out to annoy people, I set out to annoy him.

Mr. Moore is insisting I remove the blog, but I have merely brought together various pieces of public information and demonstrated a link between Bexley council and 10 Downing Street. I see nothing illegal in it but will probably modify the blog before long, but it will be on my terms, not by diktat of Bexley council. If Ms. Sampson is not happy to be associated with Mr. Fox perhaps…

You may read the correspondence here. Mr. Moore made no attempt to negotiate, he thinks his word is law. It is not.


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