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Bonkers Blog July 2014

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4 July (Part 1) - Not a blog

With not a lot going on today I took the opportunity of updating the site’s Home page which summarises the Cheryl Bacon case. The changes are quite minor and unlikely to be noticed if there is no announcement.

Unlike Bexley council and their police servants Bonkers makes no attempt to rewrite history, every previous Home page back to 2009 is archived. See the list at the bottom of the sitemap.

Another change concerns the main Index page which is called ‘Site intro’ on the menu. This page was introduced a couple of years ago after some readers felt it was too difficult to get from there to the latest blog but it had a downside. Google favours sites which have a lot of ‘interesting’ text on their Index (first) page and the new Bonkers page was merely a ‘signpost’ to the blog.

When I was checking which B-i-B pages Google may have ‘forgotten’ I noticed that a Google search for ‘Bexley council’ put Bexley Action Group with its plentiful front page text right under and B-i-B at the bottom of the page. To combat that I copied the ‘interesting’ B-i-B Home page to the dull and functional Index page. It was done only yesterday evening but B-i-B is back at the top of the Google searches already.

And it’s probably time the Salaries Carousel on the site banner was retired too.


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