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Bonkers Blog July 2014

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3 July (Part 1) - The closed and muddled mind of Will Tuckley

Tuckley I was a little premature when expecting to read Mick Barnbrook’s allegation that Will Tuckley committed a criminal offence by not conducting a proper investigation into the events of 19th June 2013 yesterday. The letter’s not finished yet, but Mick did assure me that he will be including the lying councillor Cheryl Bacon.

There was an unexpected development this week, Will Tuckley replied to Mick’s letter of 17th April in which Mick supplied statements by councillors confirming that Cheryl Bacon’s own witness statement was for the most part fictitious, that there was no general disturbance and most members of the public present said not a word while remaining resolutely immobile. According to the liar Cheryl Bacon I was not alone in shouting and waving papers. She described a near riot.

When faced with councillor’s statements that Cheryl Bacon had lied and Tuckley’s henchmen, Nick Hollier and Akin Alabi had both been taken in by the liar, a dishonest Chief Executive wouldn’t really have a choice. He’d have to refuse to look at the evidence; and true to form that is what Will Tuckley has done.

Tuckley's letter
So statements from four councillors, all present at the meeting, saying very clearly that no disturbance took place and Cheryl Bacon made it all up is not significant. Is Tuckley mentally retarded? Has he forgotten that he doesn’t have a single witness who supports the liar Cheryl Bacon?
Tuckley's letter
Err, no not really. There is no range of recollections. There are Cheryl Bacon’s lies and ten statements which all say the same thing. That Cheryl Bacon lied. And it was Tuckley who engineered most of the delay by not answering letters. Four month old statements from councillors all say exactly the same thing as the various complainants did a whole year ago.
Tuckley's letter
Tuckley is an utter moron isn't he? In the past there was just one person claiming there was a disturbance in the Civic Offices, now there are ten people who beg to differ, but according to the loyal lapdog Will Tuckley, pocketing £250,000’s worth of salary and benefits every year, it does not add to his sum of knowledge.

You can see why Mick Barnbrook is reporting him and Bacon to the police for Misconduct in Public Office and for Perverting the Course of Justice. Will Tuckley will have already fixed things with the police. Bexley council did the same with Craske and when their former leader Ian Clement fiddled his expenses; that all took place on Tuckley’s watch too and Mick has kept all the correspondence to prove it.

If corrupt police try to bury this case it will simply escalate to the IPCC. How much is Cheryl Bacon’s refusal to admit a simple mistake going to cost in both money and reputation?

Most of the correspondence relating to this case is available from here, including Tuckley’s latest silly letter.

Note: I have been asked why the council doorman Mal Chivers has been accused of a crime when it is quite obvious to anyone who reads his statement that he didn’t write it. He confirmed he’d not seen it before when Mick and I first showed it to him. However, maybe under pressure, he repeated it for the police and signed it on 13th May 2014. At least the police said he did, not sure I believe any of them any more.


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