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Bonkers Blog July 2014

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2 July (Part 2) - Going for them

I am not the only one who regrets that a doorman has been dragged into Bexley council’s determined attempt to lie their way out of trouble, I know Mick Barnbrook is not happy with the situation either. The original law breaking was relatively trivial but the scale of the council’s subsequent lying cannot be easily overlooked. How widely that view is held I do not know but it was nevertheless encouraging to get a third party’s opinion. This one has all the hallmarks of coming from a council source, this is what it said…

I was so shocked to see Mal's name implicated in wrong-doing but if you bow to false Gods, this is what happens in Bexley. On personnel matters they make statements that are unsigned, undated and frequently false. No one seems particularly concerned.

I don't know all the the ins and outs but Mal should tell the truth and not give in. However he probably knows that if he dares to step a foot out of place he will be sacked.

This man is I believe married and may have children but I agree with Mick Barnbrook's stance; people must be held accountable, full stop! But I really feel for Mal on this one. This sort of shit (sorry, it’s the only word) needs to be exposed. Go for Bexley’s evil bastards!

Thanks. Not sure it will make Mick feel an awful lot better but as you say, people shouldn’t keep ignoring the rotten state of Bexley council. This evening Mick is going to show me a draft of his third letter to the police concerning this matter; more tomorrow quite likely.


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