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Bonkers Blog January 2014

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31 January (Part 3) - Webless

My net connection is still non-existent and all I have heard today is that my ISP is still in discussions with BT. All my own equipment has been exchanged for new and today I bypassed it by giving my computer a public IP address and connecting it straight to BT’s modem. Not a good idea on a working line, but it still didn’t work.

The flow of Bonkers’ information has obviously ground to a halt and I brought forward the formal General Purposes report to today. I do not intend to even try to get anything new on line over the weekend. Probably I shall have to do a lot of shopping after the Siemens fridge-freezer was declared scrap after six years. New one coming tomorrow unless Murphy’s Law strikes that too. Did I tell you my year old KIA car has not worked properly since September? On Wednesday it goes back to W.J. King and I have told them I do not want to see it again until they are absolutely sure they have fixed it.

Ain’t technology wonderful?


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