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Bonkers Blog January 2014

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27 January - Sidcup suffers

I returned from a weekend away to find the Bexley Action Group website may have grown a menu - I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there before - a couple of suggestions that Sidcup might be worth a visit and my third fridge failure in eleven months. Obviously Siemens haven’t got a clue about reliability or correct fault diagnosis. A trip to Wellingtons and a large credit card bill fixed one problem but sadly a trip to Sidcup can do nothing to fix theirs.

The place was a strange mixture of the deserted and the congested. Deserted by shoppers and crammed solid with diverted traffic. Here’s some photos to give you an idea what it looked like at 1:15 today.

Sidcup chaos Sidcup chaos Sidcup chaos Sidcup chaos Sidcup chaos Sidcup chaos Sidcup chaos Sidcup chaos

Those last two pictures were taken only twelve seconds apart although that doesn’t tell you the whole story. I was waiting for a bus with the camera packed away when I first saw the fire engine. Several seconds passed before I decided I might have time to retrieve the camera from its case, get the lens cap off and ready it for action. Someone’s house must have had around 30 extra seconds to burn, on top of the planned delays engineered into the system by the recent fire service cuts.

I’ve read the plans for Sidcup’s regeneration; the same as you may have done, but I can’t expand on the subject because I was illegally excluded from relevant council meeting by the woman with a vivid imagination. The totally discredited councillor Cheryl Bacon.


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