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Bonkers Blog January 2014

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21 January (Part 1) - Craske in the news again? Don’t bet on it

One of the national newspapers has been sniffing around councillor Peter Craske in recent weeks. I’ve exchanged emails and phone calls with an editor no less and I get the distinct impression that Elwyn and I are not the only ones who have been victims of Peter’s poisonous pen. Those who are against him encouraging the gullible to bet on his machines were in the firing line from what I could gather.

Whether anything will come of it I have no idea because the betting shop lawyers have been busy but I sent off a bundle of papers in the hope that one day a Bexley councillor will face justice, or at the very least widespread approbrium and ridicule.

For a flavour of what the Craske’s betting shop opponents are saying you could do worse than look here - although a lot of it seems to have been ‘stolen’ from Bonkers.

Arthur Pewty had something to say about Fixed Odds Betting too this week.


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