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Bonkers Blog February 2014

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20 February (Part 2) - Shabby Wood

Rubbish RubbishContinuing the theme of Bexley’s Conservative council’s neglect of the north of the borough, here is another typical street scene. In a few year’s time passengers will alight from their shiny new Bombardier Crossrail trains and come down to earth with a bump as they step over the border into Bexley. Not that Greenwich just a dozen steps away is any better.

A problem at this site is that many of the nearby traders have no place to keep their rubbish. More about that another day.

Three minutes walk in an easterly direction will find another rubbish dump. The dried up water course that was once, depending on which history book you read, the route taken by barges carrying stone to build Lesnes Abbey. If you could follow it to the south it you would end up in that big water filled depression in Lesnes Abbey park said by some to be a Roman dock.

StairsIf you decide to visit the park and exit via one of the stairways to Abbey Road, be very careful where you put your feet. The 40 year old concrete has crumbled away and the repairs have not been very successful. If you decide not to descend to Abbey Road but instead take the Green Chain Walk towards Thamesmead and use the steps there, things are rather worse. Almost every step (†) has crumbled away and not just some of them with no sign of a repair. It’s Thamesmead, why should Bexley council care about them when it has a 43 seat majority in the south?

Confusingly, it is Greenwich council which appears to lay claim to this decrepit walkway, it is their notices which warn of dog fouling, not Bexley’s.

All this at the end of four years of tender care of the area by councillors John Fuller and John Davey. Is it surprising they have scarpered to pastures new?

† A week later the steps had been repaired.


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