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Bonkers Blog June 2013

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17 June (Part 2) - Land grab?

Abbey Wood station Bridge over railway Close up of notice Yarnton Way bridgeWhen Greenwich council made a mistake and installed a speed hump a few feet over their boundary with Bexley, Bexley got all stroppy and insisted Greenwich remove it despite the protests of its own residents.

It’s a good job Greenwich council is not so childish because Bexley is not above exceeding its authority either. There has been a Bexley council CCTV sign outside Abbey Wood railway station for the past 18 months. Abbey Wood station as is relatively well known situated within the borough of Greenwich, not by much it is true, but it would seem that Bexley council expects Greenwich to obey the letter of the boundary law but forgive its own little indiscretions.

Presumably Bexley’s petty minded officials will go ballistic if they take a stroll along the Green Chain Walk from Lesnes Abbey to Southmere Lake which runs a quarter of a mile inside the Bexley boundary. Throughout its length Greenwich council has put up warnings to dog owners. Many of them have been quickly defaced to the point of unreadability but some remain as the associated images prove. Perhaps Greenwich is as Bonkers as Bexley.

Note: Final three photographs taken today. Click any to enlarge.


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