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Bonkers Blog December 2014

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31 December (Part 1) - The clown who frightens children

Tweet The secretive cabinet member Philip Read is at it again, Twittering brainlessly that is.

Another reader sent me a screenshot of his 29th December effort but Read has added a hashtag which allows me to view it despite being blocked by the imbecile.

He says the Labour councillors haven’t been able to justify their criticism of his dubious services. Do they really have to when the signs of failure are on display for all to see?

OFSTED has rated Bexley’s services ‘Inadequate’ and ‘Needs Improvement’ and as recently as last September the Department for Communities and Local Government issued Bexley with an Improvement Notice. London councils publish a comparative list of performance tables. Bexley is bottom or close to bottom in practically all the child protection measures. No senior heads have rolled and Bexley’s reputation has spread so wide that they now have to travel to Dublin to try to recruit staff.

MurphyIf that is not enough proof of total failure in Read’s department try reading how Rhys Lawrie and Ndingeko Kunene died under Bexley’s uncaring noses.

I have kept in touch with the lady who lost her child to Bexley’s over-reaction to their history of failure. She had an abusive partner who indulged in practices which are about to become a specific crime.

When it was reported to Bexley police they weren’t interested but nevertheless reported the situation to Bexley’s rotten council. The council failed to provide any support due to lack of staff; instead they took the child away. All of that is well documented. What isn’t is the mother’s contention that Bexley council officers lied in court to support their application. Having seen the names of those involved and being only too familiar with Bexley’s inclination to lie at every opportunity, the mother’s story is the more plausible.

The only help she is getting comes from Labour councillors. Read and his merry band of incompetents are content to see lives ruined while spouting nonsense on Twitter - but it’s Philip Read, you really shouldn’t expect anything more intelligent.


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