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Bonkers Blog September 2014

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12 September (Part 1) - The claims, the truth and the Teflon boss

Claim Joy ThanksOn 5th March 2014 the former deputy council leader Colin Campbell said “the council has “revolutionised and redesigned children’s services. We have committed millions to that service”.

At the council meeting on 30th April 2014 former cabinet member for Children’s Services, Katie Perrior, said about Bexley’s Safeguarding Children programme that she “was pleased with the performance so far”.

During the election campaign Bexley’s Conservatives made all sorts of claims about its achievements and how things were going to get even better. Chief Executive Will Tuckley was featured in the News Shopper praising both staff and councillors. It was pure PR and hid the real story.

So what is the truth of the matter? Yesterday the Department for Communities and Local Government lost patience with Bexley council.
Murphy Hardly surprising given the number of Bexley’s children who have died under the present management regime.

Download the Improvement Notice (PDF - 130KB).

Read how Rhys Lawrie died and how Bexley council failed him.


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