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Bonkers Blog December 2014

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28 December - On the fourth day of Christmas

ReadI have never been very fond of the ‘no man’s land’ that exists between Christmas and New Year. It wasn’t so bad when normal life resumed on the 27th for a few days but now most people struggle to keep the festivities going while waiting for the next round of fun to begin in earnest.

Not everyone of course, for some the Christmas spirit will never permeate their cold hearts. One such curmudgeon is Bexley councillor Philip Read, famed for his attempt to usurp this website, maliciously providing the police with false information about retired blogger John Kerlen and taking question dodging at council meetings to a new level.

Council leader Teresa O’Neill has been content to filibuster public question time away in order to dodge the truth, councillor Peter Craske perfected the art of lying during his time as cabinet member but councillor Philip Read adopts the simplest solution of all. He simply refuses to answer questions and mayor Marriner (meeting chairman) pretends he hasn’t noticed.

PatheticCouncillor Philip Read’s Christmas message to his Twitter followers was as shown here. As already noted, Read is, with justification, not proud of his Twitter outpourings so he blocks me from viewing. When one has a small army of informers ready to help out that is a pathetic reaction from a pathetic little man which has failed to prevent his Tweet’s appearance here.

I have no idea what the silly twerp means by “Labour Cllrs dance to the tune of bloggers”. I know that the Tories play dirty with their overwhelming majority but the opposition disappoints me more often than the reverse. They don’t feed me stories and since former councillor Munir Malik left the scene I’ve seen only occasional indications that they might be B-i-B readers. The last time I was in contact with a Lesnes Abbey ward (mine) councillor was on 3rd November. I’m beginning to look towards UKIP for any sign of a much needed rebellion.

Perhaps Philip Read was simply lashing out at everyone who might not be a Bexley council fan. Blogger Hugh Neal (Maggot Sandwich) is occasionally uncomplimentary about what he calls the Watling Street Junta but the only other frequent Bexley based Blogger, The Thamesmead Grump, usually steers clear of political comment preferring to publish a magnificent collection of photos from the borough’s northern territories. The Grump makes a pleasant change from the depressing stuff usually found here.

The suggestion that bloggers cower behind closed doors is supremely ironic. My name has been on the contact page since Day 1 (September 2009), my postal address is clearly shown on the website and known to everyone who does a ‘Whois’ on I am sometimes recognised when out and about with my camera, who else is mad enough to take pictures of street signs and white lines?

Philip Read on the other hand is the cabinet member for Children’s Services who really did “cower behind closed doors” when the Labour councillors wanted to discuss his brief at a public meeting. Councillor Philip Read is a deeply pathetic and unpleasant little hypocrite. How do such tiny minds come to be elected?


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