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Bonkers Blog August 2014

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6 August (Part 1) - Pickles on top

LawIt’s been a long time coming and Eric Pickles has been called a wind bag a few times along the way, but today is the day when his impatience with recalcitrant councils across the land - well England anyway - is translated into law. Councils now absolutely must allow every sort of recording and social media activity apart from a live commentary at all public meetings.

No self important lying Cheryl Bacon character may ever again call the police at the sight of electronic gadgetry.

NickIn Bexley Nicholas Dowling helped achieve something close to what the law now allows more than six months ago but presumably we will no longer hear chairmen claiming that photography and recording is at their absolute discretion. However anyone intending to Tweet from Bexley’s new chamber may have difficulty. Firstly the mobile phone coverage is very poor though some say the western end of the chamber does give some limited coverage.

Secondly the wi-fi is not for public use and even if it was Twitter would be a problem because that destination, along with Bexley is Bonkers. are on Bexley’s banned list. The Democratic Deficit (™ Any Labour councillor) lives on.


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