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Bonkers Blog June 2013

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24 June (Part 6) - Nick Dowling makes it into the Shopper

Nicholas Dowling Left aloneThe long awaited News Shopper report on councillor Cheryl Bacon’s successful attempt to make Bexley council a laughing stock - it’s at the This is London site as well as the News Shopper - has gone on line.

Bexley council has repeated its lie to the press. “Their subsequent behaviour was so disruptive that it was impossible for the meeting to continue.” It was so disruptive that every councillor and official was happy to walk out leaving us to sit in the chamber with no supervision at all. How else do you think we could have had our photograph taken? Good to see them confirm “the meeting was moved to another room”. All that is missing is Cheryl’s term ‘closed session’.

The fact is hardly a word was spoken all evening and nobody did anything more active than occasionally visiting the cool water dispenser.

Do you think this appalling bunch of liars masquerading as councillors would leave six “disruptive” residents alone in the chamber? Didn’t they realise that any one of us could have hidden a pitchfork down our trousers?


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