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Bonkers Blog April 2014

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29 April (Part 2) - Digging the dirt

TweetI don’t know anything about Labour election candidate Baljeet Singh Gill of Brantwood Avenue Erith or why he was dragged in front of a court and heavily fined but I do know something about Philip Read of Myrtle Close Erith and Kerry Allon of School Lane Welling; Conservative candidates for Northumberland Heath and Lesnes Abbey respectively.

Philip Read first came to my notice when he set up immediately after I started this website as a When he let the domain die I took over and in tribute the .com now routes directly to this blog.

Philip’s wife Eva works for Bexley council and is responsible for vetting questions to council. Potentially at least councillor Read could influence what happens at council meetings.

In 2012 Philip Read imagined a situation for Bexley’s compliant police force and it landed Crayford resident John Kerlen behind bars for 24 hours. A judge in Bromley fortunately saw Read’s charges for what they were, balderdash, but the police kept John in a cell for a further hour or two because that is what you get when police are subject to “political interference”. John Kerlen has since moved to Erith.

Philip Read has long been associated with the travel industry and according to various company registers he has been director of eight all of which have gone bust or otherwise folded. His business experience allows him to chair Bexley’s Finance Committee meetings.

By contrast, Kerry Allon is quite low key. He famously campaigned against ASDA in Belvedere, even organising a petition which was later discovered to have been rigged by other shopkeepers, but apart from that he has done nothing. It’s no surprise he has done a runner to Lesnes Abbey for next month’s election. ASDA has become an enormously popular feature of an area Bexley council always neglects.

Kerry Allon was also present when councillor Cheryl Bacon made the silly mistake of shutting out the public from her Public Realm meeting and then went on to wreck her reputation by telling so many lies about it. Kerry Allon seized upon the adjournment to, in his own words, “go out for a fag” and later refused to confirm, as did some of his colleagues, that no member of the public misbehaved on that fateful evening. On the other hand he refused to back Cheryl’s lies, not that that marks him out as anything special, no councillor has stood by the beleaguered Cheryl Bacon.

When Bexley council was asked via FOI how many Bexley councillors had been arrested by the police they refused to answer. Maybe councillor Peter Craske has company.



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