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Bonkers Blog November 2011

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2 November (Part 2) - Council meeting tonight

Sidcup ChronicleWe've waited for sixteen weeks for this evening’s council meeting, more than enough time for councillors to have perfected the choreography of their rare public performance, for if anyone believes a Bexley council meeting to be open democracy in action they are sorely deluded. Their Agenda begins with the words (in bold type), “Audio/visual recording of this meeting is not permitted without prior approval of the Chairman”. No one mentions that all requests to be allowed to follow government guidance on filming are turned down. No exceptions. Indeed anyone who tries is likely to end up in Court.

The council has rejected questions submitted by the public with a variety of reasons aimed at putting the lid on democratic debate. There is one exception designed to give a platform to councillor Perrior. John Ault asks her to “remind members briefly what their responsibilities are as Corporate Parents”. Sounds like an obvious plant by the one time Tory candidate for Erith to me. Another example of Bexley council’s despicable underhand trickery and the depths to which Tories like John Ault and David Leaf before him are willing to lower themselves.

The only likely opportunity for ‘fireworks’ will be councillor Kerry Allon’s petition against ASDA opening a store in Belvedere. I’m not sure where I stand on that one. It would be good to be able to walk to a supermarket, my nearest at the moment is more than 2½ miles away, but on the other hand the local roads are totally unfit (thanks to deliberate narrowing by Bexley council) for the traffic we have now, let alone more; and I wouldn’t like to see the end of the pharmacist, newsagent and excellent electrical store there at present.

Picture (Mayor Sams and Chief Executive Will Tuckley) from the Sidcup Chronicle. Their photographer has a wicked sense of humour.


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