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Bonkers Blog September 2013

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21 September - Not a big spender

Bexley council is proud of spending less on domiciliary care workers than any nearby borough and it never seemed likely that it would be the biggest spender nationally on child care. The last thing Bexley council does is care so it is not very surprising that the recent Daily Telegraph report was wrong. Councils are expert at wasting money but £3 million pounds a year on each child had to be a mistake - and it was. The real figure is now said to be £192,400 per year.

The council’s rebuttal of the Telegraph’s figure taken from Department of Education data naturally includes the proud boast that they are spending less than most councils. I hope that isn’t a recipe for more Rhys Lawries and Barbara Bakers (BELL).

Nice to know that Bexley council has never felt it necessary to correct anything reported here.


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