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Bonkers Blog September 2013

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13 September (Part 1) - Bountiful Bexley

Daily Telegraph According to the Daily Telegraph today, the average council spends £4,000 a week looking after vulnerable children in care. Having read the Rhys Lawrie papers I would have guessed that Bexley council was spending very little on child care, but no, apparently it spends more than £3 million per child per year.

That is literally an incredibly high figure, it’s more than ten times what Will Tuckley, Chief Executive, spends on himself.

Something doesn’t sound right.

Click image for full report.

Another Telegraph report says that only 14 councils are so uncaring of their vulnerable children that they place all of them in far flung care homes outside their own boroughs. Bexley is one of them, now that I can believe.


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