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Bonkers Blog November 2013

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20 November (Part 2) - A little about not a lot

In a waiting period, waiting for the results of Bexley council’s budget consultation, waiting to see their latest excuses for councillor Cheryl Bacon’s false allegations against five members of the public, waiting for the Crown Prosecution Service to provide information on “Regina v Craske” promised last February, there is nothing very significant to report.

The best I can do is mention that Mr. Barnbrook is to meet Bexley’s Head of Legal Services about the numerous lies the council has been telling about the Public Realm meeting on 19th June tomorrow.

We know that councillors on both sides of the political divide are prepared to confirm that what Cheryl said was almost totally untrue and we know that Mick Barnbrook is a man unafraid to report politicians to the police. I think we can assume that if Mr. Alabi does not accept that Cheryl Bacon lied and that his department attributed words to a councillor and an employee which they have no recollection of saying, he, and I for that matter, will very soon be penning our complaints to Scotland Yard and the names on the list of those accused of Misconduct in Public Office will increase by two. Mr. Alabi and the Independent Member of the Standards Board. Maybe the latter will then think their £2,200 a year allowance is not so generous after all.

HarassmentMaybe I can also mention my Subject Access Request to the police. It began life in the first week of June and the legal requirement is to provide an answer within 40 calendar days which expired in July.

Three weeks ago I received a letter to say I would have the police’s response within two weeks and a couple of days ago another to say they are still working on it and the deadline will be missed.

In my entire life I have had dealings with the police three times. Twenty years ago when a Bexley officer beat me up after being given false information about me. I received two home visits and a full apology from the borough commander but the rogue officer went unpunished. Then there was the harassment warning concocted at the request of Bexley council leader Teresa O’Neill. The Independent Police Complaints Commission declared it had no validity but again no police officer was punished for gross abuse of power. And finally there was the Craske affair.

It doesn’t seem very likely that my criminal record is sufficiently extensive to justify nearly five months of effort to trace it all so I can only conclude there is a shortage of black marker pens with which to redact all the evidence against the criminals within Bexley council.

Note: Most readers will know that the ‘flaming torches’ comment (see image above) came from Hugh Neal’s Maggot Sandwich blog and he was not criticised for it. Council leader O’Neill had only one vindictive thought in mind when she called in favours from Bexley police. Stamping on critics who might go on to expose the secret service which she tightly controls.


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