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Bonkers Blog November 2013

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9 November (Part 2) - Abbey Wood, a foreign land

My nearest shopping road is split down the middle by the Bexley/Greenwich boundary. The shops are not up to much, I’ve only been in two of them this year, same last year, though I do use both frequently. There is a Post Office too which is useful.

You can always tell when you have strayed into the Socialist Republic of Greenwich because the litter bins are overflowing and the footpath is ingrained with gum and other detritus. On the other hand you can park on the Greenwich side of the road with little chance of seeing a warden, unlike on the Bexley side where shoppers must be on their guard constantly. Occasionally Bonkers has to stray across the boundary for news of interest to those of us in Bexley’s Northern Territories.

Abbey Wood Post Office
It would appear that Greenwich council has slung out the proposal to build flats on the Post Office site.

Cross Quarter
Not to be confused with Crossrail but the plans for a hotel and a Sainsbury’s supermarket on Harrow Manorway, close to the railway station, have been approved after overcoming a few bureaucratic obstacles.

Gallions Housing Association
This one may bring a smile to the faces of some Bexley council watchers I could name. Gallions handed over £397,000 to its Chief Executive Tony Cotter when he left the association, most of which he was not entitled to and it has been ruled that it broke charity law. If the decision is upheld Gallions’ governing board members will have to stump up the money themselves.

You may read all about it here.

And what has this to do with Bexley council? Well Gallions is under the watchful eye of Bexley councillor Melvin Seymour. James Spencer is involved too. Where does the buck stop?


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