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Bonkers Blog September 2013

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1 September - Felixstowe Road. Crossrail taking over

Car park Car park Car parkI had expected to see rather more heavy machinery parked in the Felixstowe Road car park by now but there are still two weeks to go before work is due to commence on the temporary station leading to the demolition of the 28 year old one.

It’s going to be a very big job, sooner or later the existing tracks will have to be realigned to allow for two island platforms and you can’t put a kink in a railway track so there will presumably have to be a very gradual migration of the tracks towards the south extending half way to Belvedere and the same towards Plumstead.

How that can be done without extended suspension of the service I have no idea, but then I am not a railway engineer. But my grandfather was - for the Southern Mahratta, Bengal Nagpur and Rajputana-Malwa railway companies circa 1890.

The Lesnes Abbey Labour Party has been sending out a questionnaire to nearby residents. It asks…

• Are you in favour of Crossrail coming to Abbey Wood? (Yes)
• Has Bexley asked you about their proposed car parking changes? (No)
• Do you support the extension of the current CPZ? (Not sure. Let’s wait to see what happens. Then if necessary residents must be very clearly told about the charges which Bexley council currently levies at an illegally high rate.)

Abbey Wood station Abbey Wood Post OfficeMy answers in parenthesis. Yours may be sent to yourviews at if you feel strongly about the issue. Remove spaces and insert @ obviously.

A pity that “The listening council” has done nothing but slap a £3.80 a day charge on what used to be residents’ parking bays.

If you have read this far you may have an interest in this forgotten outpost of the borough of Bexley, in which case the imminent loss of the Post Office building might concern you. Greenwich council is due to consider plans for flats on the site and comments must be in by next Tuesday. They will only be interested in the flats, not the closure of the Post Office.

The Public Toilets are going too. Where will the graffiti artists go now?

Bexley council is still happily accepting a 'bomb site' on the opposite corner having rejected plans for flats there. They prefer the rats.


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