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Bonkers Blog May 2013

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19 May (Part 1) - Bourne free

Closed taxi office Closed shop Closed shop Closed shop Closed taxi office Closed shop Closed shop Closed shop A reader suggested that Bexley village is no better than Bexleyheath and Welling for closed shops so I wandered down to take a look.

Apart from the taxi office (†) which went somewhere else a couple of weeks ago I found only seven premises that appeared to be permanently closed. Seems to me that is not very many but it is six more than a tour around the village via the year old photos on Google Street View would suggest.

On the other hand there are only about 60 business premises facing the High Street and Bourne Road and that includes, banks, take-aways, restaurants, several estate agents and a handful of charity shops, so perhaps percentagewise Bexley is on a par with Bexleyheath after all.

Maybe UKIP’s free parking ideas would help to keep the village alive.

JVT Management

Vinny Rey

It’s not all downhill though, the business centre in Bourne Road is occupied thanks to an initiative by Bexley council, well someone who works there anyway.

Do you remember the name of Bexley’s traffic engineer who master minded the almost unnegotiable roundabout and the man who plonked a keep left sign outside someone’s drive so that they couldn’t drive all the way home? Well it seems he has a second string to his bow and has established himself in Bourne Road. If it keeps him busy, maybe we can look forward to fewer poor road designs. Click the right hand image for more details.

† There is a full page advertisement for Bexley Cabs in this week’s News Shopper. No address is given.



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