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Bonkers Blog March 2013

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7 March (Part 1) - Loitering with intent

Gestapo wagon Gestapo wagonA new weapon has been unlashed on the roads of Bexley, they are equipped with number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras and the local Notomob coordinator and Martin Peaple have offered the following observations.

Who is Martin Peaple new readers may ask. Martin achieved fame while working in a Sidcup shop by deciding to warn customers tempted to park directly outside because it was a bus stop. He considered they might prefer to obey the law.

Bexley council, dismayed at the probable loss of income, had a quiet word with the police who were not at all fazed by the fact that Martin had broken no laws and happily did Bexley council’s bidding and paid Martin a home visit to warn him that his totally legal acts were unwelcome in a borough led by a dishonest politician. It was in many ways a repeat of my own threat of arrest if I continued to “criticise councillors”. And the police wonder why I firmly believe they are - or at least were in Borough Commander Dave Stringer’s day - in Bexley council’s pocket.

According to Martin and the Notomob the new spy cars were redundant from their previous Olympic duties and the ANPR has not yet been brought into use.

ANPR cars can check residents’ parking permits against the council's data base but there are problems. They need to go very slowly, around 5 m.p.h., creating a hazard or congestion. Cars may be parked too closely and visitors’ permits won’t be on the data base. And what about blue badges?

They cannot patrol car parks while there is any non-phone option for payment so stand by for that becoming the only permissible method. Bexley’s new cars have a camera on a telescopic mast which mean they can hide even more successfully than before and raise the camera from behind parked vans etc.

It looks like they have already started.

Note: As far as I could tell the van in these photographs was parked entirely legally. Martin Peaple’s story is still featured on Big Brother Watch.


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