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Bonkers Blog March 2013

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4 March (Part 1) - Ghost of Craske

ANPR ANPROne of Peter Craske’s schemes to screw the Bexley motorist more than ever before was to redeploy the fixed CCTV cameras installed for reasons of public safety to instead raise money by surveying the roads for anyone who might commit a minor misdemeanour. He, using the weasel words so closely associated with a man who had developed lying to an art form, said it was getting “value for money” from the system.

For reasons which were never made clear officially this plan was halted more than a year ago and before implementation. It was felt at the time it might conflict with Bexley’s plan to take over the CCTV surveillance duties from other boroughs; something else that never came to fruition.

Craske's plan
Now the old scheme may be about to creep in by stealth. New gestapo wagons have been seen on the streets of Bexley and they are equipped with Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras. The one shown was spotted last week by a B-i-B reader lurking in Blackfen, one of Bexley council’s favourite revenue raising honeypots. (See that reader’s photograph.)

I imagine the Notomob people will know what dirty deeds a malevolent council can do with ANPR technology and I will endeavour to pick their brains.

There has been no mention of these new spy cars at any relevant council meeting.


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