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Bonkers Blog June 2013

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28 June (Part 2) - And they got on to the BBC for this!?

HuntingdonshireTweetA week after Nick Dowling asked if he could make an audio recording of a tremulous Cheryl Bacon, Richard Taylor from Cambridgeshire went to a council meeting armed with a video camera. He has been featured on the BBC’s website; why I do not know, Huntingdonshire District council is the height of reasonableness compared to Bexley.

Huntingdonshire allow filming with three days notice. Bexley has always without any exception whatsoever banned all forms of recording.

Huntingdonshire spoke of calling the police; Bexley called the police almost immediately.

Huntingdonshire eventually relented and allowed filming. Cheryl Bacon did her Pied Piper act and held an illegal closed meeting.

Huntingdon intends to discuss its arrangements with a view to possible changes on 24 July. Bexley issued a new instruction to reinforce its banning orders. I have been waiting ten days to hear if I will be allowed to take a photograph. All I have had is a threat from Director Paul Moore that permission may not be forthcoming if I fail to withdraw last Thursday’s blog.


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