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Bonkers Blog June 2013

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23 June (Part 1) - If at first you don’t succeed

Bellegrove Road Bellegrove Road Bellegrove Road Bellegrove Road

Our man in Welling writes…

You may recall that during Phase 1 of the Welling Corridor improvement scheme, a new pedestrian refuge was built in Bellegrove Road at the junction with Hill View Road (Picture 1). Then within a month, because it was impossible to turn right into Bellegrove Road from Hill View Road, the island was modified (Picture 2). Now more than a year on we have traffic island Mark III. The third picture shows work on the new island and finally the resultant queue at the temporary traffic lights. What a waste of money and so much for computer designed islands!

Trial and error again if you ask me. Computer program will be fine, but the chumps don’t know how use it.


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