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Bonkers Blog June 2013

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22 June - Something for the weekend

I need a break so this is all you will get until Monday.

No entryThe reports of Broadway traffic problems continue to flow in and I went there equipped with the trusty Pentax at lunchtime Friday. I understand the potential for the reported problems, some I have seen for myself, but there were none today because there was very little traffic. Maybe the morning’s motor cycle crash in Albion Road had something to do with it.

A letter from Teresa O’Neill in my possession says that one of the advantages of the new Broadway is that it could exist without a load of street clutter. If you look at the large version of this photograph you will see that within the past week Broadway has gained a speed indicator and two No entry signs. I do not dispute that they are needed, indeed I suggested No entry signs were required at the beginning of the pedestrianised section. What amazes me is that our road planners and their highly paid consultants did not predict that requirement. They appear to be keen advocates of trial and error.

Bexley council being stupid is always good for the web stats. There were 1,295 visitors on Thursday and 1,473 by 21:45 Friday - the time at which these words are typed. That’s quite a good score for a local blog, just think how different it would be if Bexley council possessed an iota of common sense.

If councillor Cheryl Bacon had said “Yes” to Nick Dowling when he scared her rigid with his ancient broken tape machine we would have had no audio recording, no complaints to the DCLG or questions on LBC radio. I would have had to come on line with my tail between my legs trying to find words that didn’t come across as too disappointed or humiliating. 600 or so people would have gone away thinking that Bexley council is not so bad after all.

But she said “No” and we have no tape. If Nick had recorded the meeting preamble as Cheryl must have believed, it would be on line to prove that Bexley council lied to the Bexley Times. Their spokeswoman told the paper they couldn’t continue with the meeting because of the serious disruption. Nick Dowling said very little, he just sat there waiting to be ejected. No one else said anything at all. Because of Cheryl’s “No” the council’s top brass has been in session cobbling together a new strategy - which won’t work if mischievous people choose to rebel. Not that they ever have. Thanks to Cheryl Bacon, 1,200 or more people have had their opinions confirmed. A brilliant bit of PR.

I am not one to find pleasure in other people’s misfortunes but Bexley council’s influence must be rubbing off on me. I take a certain amount of delight in the thought that if Teresa O’Neill harbours ambitions for higher political office, there is a plentiful supply of data out there for anyone researching her career history. I suspect I am writing the content for UKIP’s election leaflets. Glad to be of assistance chaps.


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