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Bonkers Blog July 2013

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14 July (Part 3) - Not royalty!

Email. An indispensible curse? Saturday’s usually a quiet day, only 23 messages yesterday, none from the Bexley Action Group people who seem to run a Monday to Friday schedule.

Unless it is from a very regular correspondent who I know to be an ally I’m still apprehensive about opening each one. Not sure why, the number of critical emails over the years is probably not in double figures. If I exclude those with council connections, it might be five, and if I discount those who criticise my web authoring skills, it is I think, down to three. And one of those was from a supporter who has misgivings about the bridge.

Nevertheless there was the same frisson of fear when I opened an overnight arrival; but all was well.

My blood is boiling having read your latest blog about the councillor ignoring his constituents! Who do these jumped up jobsworths think they are! He's only a councillor after all. Obviously thinks he's royalty, or someone important!

It’s always reassuring to know that the thoughts of those less intimately connected with the Battle of Bexley aren’t much different to those in the thick of it. If the next month is as good as the last, Campbell’s message should soon get into nearly 8,000 different households. Not all in Bexley - unfortunately, electorally speaking. Bexley may be the target audience but there are welcome daily guests from Yorkshire, Essex, Devon and Australia.


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