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Bonkers Blog February 2013

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25 February - Then and now

Farnborough Council Some days there just isn’t anything to report but I don’t like to totally disappoint site visitors so here is a little something.

Over the weekend an old friend and neighbour from when I lived in Farnborough, Hampshire in the 1950s sent me this extract from the tenants’ handbook she discovered among her mother’s effects. I liked the bit that emphasises how councillors worked “entirely without pay or remuneration of any kind, on your behalf” and “full Council meets once a month to decide on policies”. Now they get up to £35,000 and meet only four or five times a year.

Whilst Farnborough Urban District Council encouraged tenants to attend its meetings, Bexley is less than welcoming. The question for the next council meeting which was submitted on 14th February with a comment about the Data Protection Act is still languishing without any form of acknowledgement or answer nearly two weeks later.

Maybe the Information Commissioner has had words with them.


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