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Bonkers Blog February 2013

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7 February (Part 2) - Teresa O’Neill - Law breaking again? Looks like it

I did something earlier this week that I should have done months ago, but I rarely get any spare time - as those awaiting email replies might have noticed. But I phoned the Information Commissioner’s Office. I wanted to know if they would have any comment to make about Bexley council publishing the home addresses of residents in Agendas and posting them on its website.
I explained the circumstances and the conversation continued something like this…

ico: They do that? Really?
me: Yes, if you want to ask a question at council meetings they will publish your full name and postal address in the Agenda and post it on their website. It is enshrined in their Constitution.
ico: But they cannot do that, it would be a breach of Principle One of the Data Protection Act.
me: So you can make them stop doing it?
ico: Would you hold on a moment while I have a word with the Commissioner?
me: <Grins broadly>
ico: Yes that is a very clear breach of Principle One and probably a breach of Principle Six, possibly of more. You should write to Bexley council and give them two weeks to comply with the Act.
me: But I have been arguing against it on and off for more than a year. Complaints have been rejected at every level and the Chief Executive has refused to give a reason.
ico: In that case please put it in writing to us immediately.
me: Thank you very much.

So I passed the information to Mick Barnbrook. He will have a field day.

Principle One
Principle One of the Data Protection Act.

Principle Six
Principle Six of the Data Protection Act.

The compensation bit looks interesting, I’m sure Mr. Barnbrook will put in a claim if he can.

Who pushed through this contravention of the Data Protection Act? None other than the council leader Teresa O’Neill, the same disreputable Boris Johnson favourite who has on so many occasions in the past disregarded the laws of this land and relied on the compliant yes men at Arnsberg Way for protection.

News Shopper report on O’Neill’s decision.


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