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Bonkers Blog August 2013

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28 August (Part 1) - Lying. It’s just not worth it

Can you imagine the mess I would get myself into if I deliberately strayed from the truth or lied on Bonkers? This is the 1,827th blog entry and if I proposed to write one which was untruthful it would take a week to check back to be sure I was not contradicting a previous lie. There are more than 500 feature pages too. The only practical policy is to never report anything that isn’t true or even exaggerate.

bullshitIt must be very different over at the Civic Centre where their correspondence is so often riddled with lies, all written by different people who cannot be fully aware of what else may have been said on the same matter. Lynn Tyler who wrote the letter excusing councillor Cheryl Bacon from any malpractice when she put her Public Realm meeting into Closed Session is a case in point.

She wrote that everyone at that meeting was misbehaving which is totally untrue. All councillors present must know that but presumably one or more have told Mrs. Tyler otherwise. I was excluded from the reconvened meeting because “members of the public continued to shout” which is a total lie. I said nothing at all because I never do, and although I was half expecting some of the others present to have their say, they did no more than mutter among themselves.

Apparently Cheryl Bacon addressed us all personally, approached us no less, to ask that we desist from calling out. I’d like to think Cheryl Bacon didn’t say that and it is a council manufactured lie but coming from the Legal Department one might expect theirs to be a straight forward and above board report. Not that I'd be confident of it. Either way it makes no real difference, Cheryl Bacon must have approved it which is just as bad. Has councillor Peter Craske got a rival?

Lynn Tyler lies
There is no way that Cheryl Bacon approached anyone or asked them to stop calling out, for a start the situation caused her to almost lose her voice, but Lynn Tyler’s letter goes beyond accusing everyone present of misbehaviour; essential if the exclusion of all of them is to be lawfully justified, she has decided that councillor Bacon’s behaviour was absolutely perfect.

After describing councillor Bacon’s handling of the meeting Lynn Tyler reaches her conclusion…
Lynn Tyler lies
One must wonder why it is that if councillor Cheryl Bacon was such a perfect chairman that the Director of Corporate Services, Paul Moore (†), found it necessary to remind her of the correct procedure. Maybe Lynn Tyler had forgotten that and the not unimportant fact that Mr. Moore correctly referred to “one individual” causing “some disruption”. At the time, Mr. Moore had no reason to lie and wished only to ensure that correct procedures would be followed in future. He did not approve the general exclusion of the public as did Cheryl Bacon by announcing a ‘Closed Session’.

Now that the council has realised that Bacon’s exclusion of everyone, me included, was an illegal act, Lynn Tyler must have been deceived into extricating Bacon and the council out of a tight spot. If only she had trawled back through all the correspondence she might have realised that the chosen lie is holed below the waterline by the Director of Corporate Services.

† I have no documentary evidence that Paul Moore issued that note as my leaked version cut the signature, but the responsibility would be his.


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