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Bonkers Blog March 2011

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2 March (Part 1) - Crass Cretinous Cock-up. (No name needed) - click any image for photo gallery (7 images)

Ruxley corner queueAmbulance held upRoad dug up - again!“Craske is therefore at liberty to go on spending vast sums on crazy schemes like those at Ruxley Corner and Wickham Lane and return soon afterwards to pour money into putting his mistakes right.”

No sooner had those words gone on-line yesterday than an email alerted me to a current example. Ruxley roundabout which caused havoc while it was altered last year and hindered lorries and buses ever since is being Craskied again. More traffic hold ups because of the incompetence of one man and his department. Where is Parsons Brinckerhoff when you need them? No competent person would design a roundabout that traffic cannot negotiate safely, it should have been checked out on an inexpensive (by business standards) computer program. But Craske has screwed-up big-time yet again.

The traffic is being held up, an ambulance with lights and siren blaring is stuck and someone’s life is put in jeopardy because of the Bexley buffoon.

It doesn’t look as though his remedy will even be an effective fix. If you look in the photo gallery you will see that the wheel ruts photographed last week appear to be rather further from the road boundary than the new kerb. And are they really going to be double height so that Craske can snigger at the number of suspension systems he has managed to break? Time will tell.

Reports are coming in that traffic queues are currently extending almost to Bexley village, and in the other direction, past Crittall’s Corner and up the slip-road to the A20. Craske; you really are the crimson cretin.

Photographs taken 3pm Tuesday 1st March.


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