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Bonkers Blog May 2010

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16 May - Bexley council gets it wrong again - click any image for photo gallery (6 images)

Crash site Road works Road worksBrampton Road is one of the main North-South thoroughfares across the borough and being straight it may be too much of a temptation for impatient drivers and being narrow it may over-stretch the skills of some. Having said that I used it regularly for more than 15 years and never saw an accident until Bexley council installed three closely spaced mini-roundabouts.

It must have been six or more years ago that the council put up a sign saying there had been 32 accident casualties in Brampton Road over the previous three years which they used as an excuse to build obstacles at several road junctions and a year or two later amended the figure to 44 and built three mini-roundabouts. Did it not occur to them that the increase might warrant removal of obstacles designed to force vehicles into the path of on-coming traffic? The roundabouts always look very dangerous to me and to be approached with great care.

The demolished wall and damaged car shown here may indicate that not everyone takes the care needed to safely negotiate the danger points and exposes the Achilles’ heel of Bexley’s lamentable road planning. It frustrates careful drivers and disregards the reckless to whom obstacles present a challenge. However the other pictures suggest that the planners may have recognised their own stupidity and the dangerous obstacles placed at junctions are on the way out; they show the new kerb and where the old one was defined by the black patch and the double yellow lines. Both may be seen more clearly in the ‘photo gallery’.


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