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Bonkers Blog July 2011

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4 July (Part 1) - The rat runs

Martin Peaple warns motoristsBexley council took a photo of this man and his placard and passed it to the police with an instruction that their friends in the Met put the frighteners on him. No legal basis for it (confirmed by reply to Freedom of Information request) but that is the “I can do what I like” Bexley council for you. Yesterday the tables were partially turned. The not easily frightened Martin Peaple was at the Danson Park Festival and spotted a council stall inviting residents to ask a question and get an answer within five days - and who should be manning it but the man in charge of the cameras that took Martin’s picture and presumably the man who cocked a snook at the Data Protection Act by not using his cameras in the designated manner. Councillor Craske no less, the man given to lying (for example, it costs more to answer FOIs than we collect in parking fines) at public meetings. Who better to man a council stall? No good asking leader Teresa O’Neill to do it, she has a track record for failing to show at such events.

Having spotted his glowing visage Martin knew exactly what questions had to be asked, “Who took my photo and who decided to send it to the police?”. In Martin’s words, “Craske is one rude bloke” who claimed he “hasn’t got a clue”. Can you believe that? The cabinet member in charge of parking enforcement sees his department splashed across the front page of the News Shopper, and if he wasn’t behind it he wasn’t sufficiently interested to ask what was going on? Looks like Craske is up to his usual tricks or it’s yet more proof he is unfit to be a cabinet member.

Martin also asked why the public can’t film or photograph public meetings. At that point Craske noticed that Martin was recording his questions on a mobile phone and promptly ran away. Priceless. Craske gets his cameras to film residents going about their lawful business and pokes his lenses into people’s bedrooms but ask him a question about it and he knows nothing and scarpers.

Martin reports that another councillor who he believes (having looked at their mugshots) was Peter Reader was present who was much more helpful and said he would do his utmost to get an answer to his first question within five days. We await the answer with the utmost interest. Will we learn anything of why Bexley council thinks it is above the law, usually there is no answer? Nigel Wise, who forced Richmond council to obey the law, is still waiting for a proper answer to the question he posed on 5th May.

The above information has been provided by Notomob - Martin is an active member - and continuing the theme of sponging off the efforts of others may I recommend you take a look at Arthur Pewty’s maggot sandwich which this week gives news of developments in Erith. The infamous Cross Keys pub, the new Pound Shop and Bexley council’s early foray into the world of computers - though they failed to exploit them beyond use as glorified typewriters. Look out for Notomob in Bexley next Saturday.


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