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Bonkers Blog June 2011

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26 June - “I can do what I like” - Click the YouTube button to see the video full-size

I have wasted too much of the day trying to find out why the inclusion of the ‘flipping pages’ on 23rd June was stopping this page being displayed with larger or justified text and now that that fault is fixed I am not going to spend much time on a blog. I bring you instead Olly Cromwell’s video from last Wednesday’s Public Realm meeting. I should perhaps point out that I and my immediate colleagues play by the rules at council meetings and don’t go beyond investigating and reporting on what we believe to be a thoroughly disreputable council but we fully recognise that for some it is too leisurely an approach. Sometimes the alternative approach is more revealing as with this video in which councillor Linda Bailey (Danson Park, £22,615) tells the world that she “can do what I like”. Those few words neatly sum up Bexley council’s entire attitude to practically everything.

Press the central Play button to start the video. I believe the audio is deliberately masked until after the police have finished with the tape.


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